Yesterday yesterday, I fell into your trap and I couldn't escape your palm. No, I'm too cowardly and I'm not cowardly. I'm lack of strength, but my strength has turned into bravery. Because I can't help myself to you, but I can't find my weakness. Because I'm still with you, I don't know if you see me because I cry. Don't you care today Because your cold face condenses my infinite strength, I escape, I escape from the field you control, my mood is no longer controlled by your emotions, I can fly in my sky, but I'm not happy, I think you think of headache, alone remembering my love, alone hurting my heart, alone crying in the city I dig slowly, slowly I forget in my memory that I still miss you. I think I can, I can ignore your existence. But I I don't know why, I still think of you. I think I give myself an absolute reason to hate you. I hate you to the bone marrow, but there is no only my love for you that hasn't changed. I can't come out. I don't have any weapons to guard against, and I don't have any thoughts to use. Just in your memory, I'm addicted. I know I can't come out! I heard that everyone has their own other half, You can have the other half with wings, you can think of anywhere. But I can't find him, I don't know if you are. You say I'm stupid, in fact, you're more stupid than me, because you didn't find that I'm good to you. I can't walk out, what can I do? I really can't walk out!! I like to write a lot about you, but my head is always blank! Want to forget, But who can tell me. What should I do? Think I can, think I can, but all is to be brave. You want me, but once waiting becomes a task, it becomes futile, that's the meaning. Do you know? You want to forget, but you can't forget. I want to forget. You tell me, how can I fall in love with someone, let her (him), make her (him) more sincere. If we can't do it, Then we'd better! So sometimes, we have to be smart in the face of the old "" just because our giving up is the same.